How much data do you need for gaming?

Here s How Much Data Online Gaming Actually Uses Kotaku

- While online gaming data usage is far from excessive, downloading new games is one of the most data intensive tasks you can do online. Many new blockbuster titles are now pushing past 50GB, at least when it comes to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation. You probably won t be surprised to hear that the data use from gaming is much lower than streaming video: on average, games will only use around a third of the data of streaming Netflix in SD, let. They do cumulative patch updates it seems - so every later patch also download everything for earlier disregarding what you have installed. The game type was Conquest on Zavod 311 and contained between 64-66 players during the time the data was collected.

How Much Data Does Online Gaming Use?

- So to answer the question How. Much Data Does Online Gaming, use? To put it in perspective and in allowing the possibility that other games may use up a little more then read this. Data collection began after the map had been loaded and the gameplay was underway. I have a tethering plan with my mobile phone provider which allows me to use my mobile phone has a portable wifi hotspot.

How much data does gaming use?

- Lets say at worse the most demanding game uses 100mb per hour. Then a 15Gb monthly data plan would allow you to play 153.6 Hours a month. There is, of course, a range when it comes to how much data online games use, and its based on several variables. To put it in perspective and in allowing the possibility that other games may use up a little more then read this. I used it for my playstation for playing Rainbow six siege and it worked fine, hardly any lag.

I used the Ookla app on my phone and got a download speed of over 3 Mbps and an upload speed of less than.5Mbps. Method, all devices connected to the router were in sleep mode or powered down in order to isolate data usage from the PS4. An opponent was found online using the Seasons online game mode. My first stage of the test, upon arriving at my friends house, was to perform a speed test in the area. Streaming to Twitch used approximately.66 Mbps at its peak while playing Battlefield 4, therefore having an upload bandwidth of 3 Mbps should suffice for streaming and playing online. If I remember correctly it was around 19Mb. Abstract, the purpose of this experiment was to determine how much bandwidth the PS4 uses during online gameplay. Stage 2 was to find out how much data I had used on my phone already so that we would have a starting point to record the results. Data was also collected for Twitch streaming. Aggregate Data On PS4 Internet Usage. I uninstalled goth Division and Ghost Recon Wildlands because of this - that both have patches larger than 50 of game size in full. Data, figure 1, baseline Internet traffic test with no devices using the Internet and the PS4 turned off. Thats roughly 35 1/2 hours per week! Shows a ten-minute snapshot of the bandwidth used by the PS4 during a game of Battlefield. Edit: checked my PS again, and somehow and update for black ops 3 was downloading in the background. Figure 2a, speed test results from PS4. The game type was 24-player death match on The Slums. The broadcast quality was set to Best. I've tried searching this and from what ive seen most people say it uses 50-100 mb's an hour. I have a 4g phone that i can use as a hotspot. I dont know how i missed this, i checked this exact thing. I have personally completed a Quest to see just how many MB or GB online gaming actually uses. Streaming via Twitch (Best quality) 781.38MB (Estimated Upload bandwidth only). The match was between PSG and Manchester City.